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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jason Holzworth

My studio is located in Mellwood Art Center. There, I am surrounded by photographers and other artists. One being Jason Holzworht. We chat frequently about things going on around mellwood as well as collaborating. Today we did just that. I grabbed my go to model and got things going. I had used her ealier in the week, so this time we changed up her look. Enjoy the behind the scene pictures and videos. If you have an questions about the makeup, feel free to write!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Today was awesome. Thanks to Facebook, the BEST networking site EVER I got to work with a new photographer. Well, he isn't new but he is new to me! He drove and hour and a half to shoot with me. I called two of my favorite clients Jessa (my mini me) and Laura ( A classic beauty). I wanted two totally different girls and two totally different looks. Gustavo delivered. I was hoping to get a good shot for my website and I think I got just that! Here are a few pics of Jessa right after I finished her hair and makeup along with two sneak peaks! Enjoy! I will be posting a behind the scene video of Jessa tomorrow. Stay tuned. If you have any questions about either look, leave your question as a comment.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Perfect Eyebrows

Cream Liner

Farrah said...

Hi Katye,
Love your web site and blog, lots of useful info. Hope to be katye made soon as I am south of Louisville! My question is about eye brows, I have never used a brow pencil or cream or anything to define my brows, but now am curious about the 411 on brows. My brows also seems to stop short (naturally). What are some great brow products and how can I pull the brow out longer without that fake looking line....

There are many avenues to explore when it comes to brows. One way I do NOT recommend is a hard pencil. What looks natural about a harsh line? NOTHING!!! I suggest a powder or cream liner.

As far as length. You can always extend your brows with the product. One way to determine where your brows should begin and end is to line a pencil or makeup brush going vertical along side your nose to your forehead. Where the pencil is on your brow line is where your brow should start. Now, slide the pencil or brush at a diagonal and that is where your arch should be. Next,slide is to the edge of your eye (keeping the bottom of the brush still against your nose) to find where your brow should end.

The powder I use is by MAC. Use with a small angled brush.
Powder is the softest option. It also looks the most natural.

My favorite is cream liner. I use Smashbox. Cream liners are to be used with the same type of brush. I feel I have more control and can make more details with the cream.