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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Age is only a number & you don't have to look it!

I recently had a reader e-mail me with this question...
"I'm almost 25 and beginning to get fine lines, however I still get blemishes! Is there a good way to cure or disguise both of these problems at the same time??

Well.. My advice would be to start with taking precautions to eliminate early aging.
Use a sp4 moisturizer and/or foundation. Remove all makeup at night and apply cold creams. Cold cream is what I use to remove my makeup. A trick I have discovered is, leaving the cold cream in the refrigerator!!! It feels SO nice to remove your makeup at the end of the night with a burst of cold on tired eyes! Especially if you're like me and wear false lashes way too much. Try it you wont be sorry!I also like to moisturize with it in the morning..The cold helps get rid of tired puffy eyes. My cold cream of choice is Ponds cold cream You can find it at any drug store or places like Target. It's very affordable.
Now, as far as blemishes. I suggest using a mineral powder instead of a heavy foundation. I do NOT suggest using foundations of either kind on your entire face. Only on blemishes or any place with redness. After all, foundation can cause blemishes!
When it comes to comes to mineral foundation, I used to prefer bare minerals. Once I was in need of mineral foundation on short notice. I had no choice but to go to the drug store. The closet thing I could find was L'oreal True Match foundation. I actually like it BETTER!
I will warn you, you should have your own fluffy powder brush..that packaging is terrible. The product is great.

No once can stop the inevitable but we sure can hide it :)


  1. I use cold cream.. But never thought about putting it in the fridge, that is such a great idea. I am also a huge bare minerals fan but that stuff can get pretty expensive I am gonna go and try out the L'oreal, I have been using bare minerals new matte make-up and its really great but I have to use so much to get a good coverage. Thanks for all the tips I am so glad you got a blog

  2. I really think you will like it. The fridge with the cold cream is amazing. It's a "feel good" thing I do for myself.

  3. Kayte,
    Your so right about the feel good factor of Pond's Cold Cream and putting it in the fridge...not only does it feel GREAT, but has gotten me into a better habit of removing my makeup at night!

  4. Also, the Loreal powered mineral foundation works wonders! I really like this product and I have tried numerous powders. I will seconded that the packaging is terrible...but the price makes this product even more appealing! I would definitely rate this product as one of my top 5 must haves!